California-American Association of Diabetes Educators

California Diabetes Educator Profile


Deborah Greenwood, RN, MEd,

PhD Candidate, CNS, BC-ADM, CDE

Past-President AADEdebgreenwoodpix
I applied to become President of AADE because of my commitment to the organization and my leadership in diabetes education through clinical practice and research. I have the demonstrated ability to envision change to enhance the profession and the skills to make the vision become reality. I have significant professional experience in diabetes education with substantial state and national professional service. My academic preparation equips me to address the priorities of AADE in clinical practice, education and research: I have a master’s degree in education and I am a Ph.D. candidate in Nursing Science and Health Care Leadership.

My most significant contributions to date focus on tobacco cessation and diabetes prevention. My current research, incorporating technology and remote monitoring for ongoing DSMS, is advancing knowledge to broaden evidence-based approaches for DSMS. I am also very interested in collaboration between persons with diabetes engaged in the diabetes online community (DOC) and diabetes educators, focusing on how partnership through technology can improve care and quality of life.

I have contributed to the science and policy development of diabetes education through research, oral presentations, publications and service to both AADE and other professional organizations. I hope to continue to contribute to the mission and vision of AADE and participate in the evolution of diabetes self-management education and support.

Diabetes educators will expand their scope through primary prevention, population health management and integration of technology for enhanced DSMS. AADE will bring a unique perspective to approaching and designing innovative yet pragmatic solutions to transform DSME and DSMS. In partnership with our members, I will help the board realize the following AADE Key Priorities by:

Invest in Diabetes Educators

  • Advocating for better reimbursement
  • Supporting technology to advance professional education
  • Engaging the talent of new members

Advance Diabetes Population Health

  • Utilizing Telehealth to improve access
  • Incorporating systems change to advance primary prevention
  • Reporting impact of DSME/DSMS on health outcomes
  • Measuring patient reported outcomes

Empower People with Diabetes

  • Developing DSMS strategies that incorporate social media, PHRs and mHealth
  • Becoming a model for patient centered care
  • Expanding shared decision making awareness

Expand AADEs capacity

  • Enhancing the mission of the AADE Foundation


I have significant leadership experience within diabetes education and in the community that has prepared me to lead AADE.

  • Chairs interdisciplinary team of dynamic diabetes educators by injecting      enthusiasm, energy and passion
  • Advocates for AADE, diabetes educators and persons with and at-risk for diabetes
  • Change agent advancing DSME and DSMS through quality improvement and research
  • Completing a nursing doctoral program with a focus on Healthcare Leadership
  • Skilled at oral communication and public speaking
  • Leverages relationship building skills to successfully establish and execute      strategic plans
  • Visionary, charting a desired future state that excites and inspires
  • Optimistic and upbeat attitude along with confidence in the face of obstacles
  • Belief that success requires integrity, trust and commitment
  • Understands that failures create learning opportunities
  • Strives for continuous self-improvement through lifelong learning
  • Celebrates the gifts of friendship, love and laughter